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Gentle advice regarding the spiritual practice of Tantra. Now available for live voice sessions ONLY.

Hello and welcome to my profile page. My name is Aswynn Willowroot. I am a spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and soul care activist. I have been offering clients my services through since June of 2004. More than anything else, it is my goal to provide you with the highest quality service possible. Every insight I share with you is in an effort to help you reach both your personal and professional goals. It is my hope that you walk away from our live phone session feeling strong, empowered and completely clear with regards to your next step. The truth is you deserve the best. Please do not settle for anything less in both life or in choosing your spiritual advisor. I look forward to serving you and celebrating with you as you attain your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams. Much love and many blessings for you and all that you love. Peace be with you always.

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Spirituality and religion are key components which ensure good soul health and a positive sense of spiritual well-being. The truth is life is rarely a constant, wistful meadow of flowers, rainbows and butterflies. Over time and after a series of setbacks or life challenges, it’s very easy to unintentionally lose one’s youthful optimism, faith in humanity and even spiritual resilience. It is imperative at such critical junctures that we begin to employ spiritual strategies which will enable our soul self to awaken, nourish and refresh itself. This is the crux of ‘soul care.’ When we utilize our innate desire for an ‘awakened’ spiritual life, as well as the anchor of our respective religious beliefs, we are able to find ‘due North’ on our spiritual compass. This enables us to return safely home to our truest and most profound selves. By simply unplugging from our, all-too-often, over-stimulated lives and giving our souls the adequate spiritual ‘food’ or ‘nourishment’ it truly craves, we begin to naturally rejuvenate. When we nourish the soul, we heal the spirit.


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